PSG New Kits in Dream League Soccer: Unleash Your Inner Parisian

Dress Your Dream Team in Style

Are you a fan of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Dream League Soccer? Get ready to bring the Parisian flair to your virtual football experience with the latest PSG New Kits in Dream League Soccer! In this article, we’ll explore how you can download and install the new PSG kits, allowing you to dress your dream team in style and dominate the pitch!


PSG is known for its rich history, passionate fanbase, and iconic kits. Now, you can recreate that spirit in Dream League Soccer by equipping your team with brand-new PSG kits. Whether it’s the classic home kit, the stylish away kit, or the eye-catching DLS 23 PSG third kit, you’ll have a range of options to express your support for the club.

To download the PSG New Kits in Dream League Soccer, follow these simple steps:

  • Find a Reliable Source: Look for a trusted website or online community that offers PSG kits for Dream League Soccer. Make sure the source is reliable and provides safe downloads.
  • Download the Kits: Once you’ve found a reliable source, download the PSG kits file onto your device. The kits are typically available in the form of a zip file.
  • Extract the Files: Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file using a file manager or a zip extractor app. This will reveal the individual kit files, including the home, away, and third kits.
  • Import the Kits: Open Dream League Soccer and go to the “Customize Team” section. From there, select “Edit Kit” and choose the corresponding slot (home, away, or third). Then, import the respective PSG kit by selecting the kit image file you extracted in the previous step.
  • Save and Enjoy: After importing the kits, make sure to save your changes. Now, your dream team will proudly don the PSG New Kits in Dream League Soccer. Take to the virtual pitch and showcase your Parisian pride!

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With the new PSG kits, you’ll not only have a visually appealing team, but you’ll also feel a stronger connection to the club and its players. So, get ready to dominate your Dream League Soccer matches with the stylish and iconic PSG kits!